Our Flavors

Check each location for current flavors.

Gourmet: May vary depending upon location and season

Carrot Cake- Carrot cake batter ice cream with chunks of our award winning carrot cake

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup- Peanut butter with sweet and salty Reese’s cups

Rocky Road- Creamy Chocolate exploding with marshmallows and walnuts

Vanilla Brownie- Fresh baked brownie pieces hand folded into creamy vanilla

Rum Raisin- Rum soaked raisins poured into rich vanilla

Salted Chocolate Caramel-  Thick gooey caramel folded into creamy vanilla with dark chocolate chunks

Orange Pineapple- Orange cream with chunks of tropical pineapple

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough- Peanut Butter ice cream with cookie dough ball folded in

Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl- Peanut Butter ice cream with thick rich chocolate fudge swirled in

Peppermint- 50 pounds of crushed peppermints folded into exhilarating mint cream

Pistachio Almond- Subtle pistachio flavored cream filled with almond slivers

Pralines n’ Cream- Candy coated pralines and decadent ribbons of sweet caramel folded into creamy vanilla

Pumpkin Cheesecake- Pureed Pumpkin, warm spices, swirls of cream cheese icing and Chunks of New York Cheesecake

Cookie Dough- Brown Sugar cream batter filled with yummy cookie dough chunks

Egg Nog- Thick creamy eggnog and warm winter spices

Maple Walnut- Maple Syrup blended into cream and loaded with Walnuts

Heath Bar Crunch- Toffee flavored cream packed with chunks of Heath Bar candy

JaMocha Almond Chip- Coffee and chocolate cream come together with almond slivers and chocolate chips

Cherry Wow-Za- Cherry vanilla base, with candied maraschino cherries, huge walnuts and dark chocolate chunks

Almond Joy- Coconut cream, real coconut shavings, almond slivers and dark chocolate chunks

Banana- 30 pounds of real bananas and just right amount of sugar

Birthday Cake- Cake batter and butter cream mixed together and loaded with rainbow sprinkles

Black Cherry- Big Juicy dark cherries packed into dark cherry flavored cream

Butter Pecan- Right amount of Buttery and sweet loaded with pecan halves

Cherry Vanilla- Cherry juices blended with cream and filled with sweet maraschino cherries

Blue Jay- Smooth vanilla with ribbons of decadent caramel, roasted salted nuts and cracker jacks- perfect for after the game!

Butterfinger- Peanut butter flavored cream filled with chunks of butterfinger candy

Red Velvet Cake- Red velvet batter and cream cheese mixed into the cream with chunks of homemade red velvet cake

Cookie Monster- Sugar cookie batter blended with cream and packed with homemade chocolate chip cookies and oreos

Signature: May vary depending upon location and season

Vanilla- Cream and sugar made with finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

Chocolate- Rich, decadent dark chocolate

Strawberry- Sweet strawberries n’ cream

Key Lime- Tropical, twangy and refreshing

Black Raspberry- Velvety smooth pureed black raspberries n’ cream

Orange Creamsicle- Old fashioned orange soda and cream

Mint Chocolate Chip- Refreshing mint extract with chocolate chips

Butterscotch- Thick, Creamy butterscotch blended with cream

Caramel Popcorn- Sweet, salty and creamy!

Chocolate Oreo- Rich, dark chocolate with Oreos hand folded in

Cinnamon- Warm Cinnamon Spice!

Coconut- Coconut milk and fresh coconut shavings

Coffee- Strong brewed coffee, vanilla and cream!

Mint Oreo- Refreshing mint with Oreos hand folded in

Cookies n’ Cream- Vanilla cream and Loads of crunch Oreos

Coffee n’ Cookies- Rich, strong coffee, cream and Oreos

Purple Cow- Fruity Grape from our purple cows! : )

Smurf- Tutti Fruitti blue cream with marshmallows

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk- Rich, creamy chocolate with dark chocolate chunks

Soft Serves: May vary depending upon location and season

Vanilla Custard- Goes best smothered in our homemade warm Yummy Yummy Sauce

Chocolate Custard

Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt

Sorbets: Completely dairy free and made with water and fruit juices

Strawberry Lemonade





Sherbets: Naturally low in fat

Rainbow Swirl

Orange Cream