Our History

Inspired by their lifelong love for old-fashioned homemade ice cream, Bill and Susan took a leap from the corporate world and opened the first Strachan’s Ice Cream & Desserts in Palm Harbor, Florida in 1999. Word spread quickly about the new mom-and-pop shop with ice cream made from scratch, old-fashioned friendly service and a homemade carrot cake that would rival mom’s.

In 2008 the Strachan’s scooped up their second location on Main Street in Dunedin, Florida. With its black and white checkerboard tiled floor and parlor style bar stools, the Dunedin location provided the community a “trip down memory lane” with its nostalgic family-friendly feel. Strachan’s vision of a mom-and-pop shop ice cream parlor that served high-quality products, held high standards and made people happy was a reality.

Since then, We have opened 3 additional stores located in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, and South Tampa!

in 2020, we added a full line of homemade chocolates, fudge and confections to give more of a selection to all of our customers.  As great as these treats look in person, they taste even better…That is the Strachan’s way!

While they are no longer here(but always on our minds and in our hearts), Mr. and Mrs. Strachan’s vision and hard work continues with us… the Louizes and Krillies Families. Since 1948, Our family is 4 generations deep in making desserts, confections and ice cream.  As children we LOVED visiting Strachan’s, and we will make sure that still continues for everyone else!

When given the opportunity to take over and continue the Strachan’s tradition of great ice cream, desserts and service, we jumped at the chance. We are proudly carrying on the legacy of Strachan’s hand-crafted ice cream techniques and secret dessert recipes that have brought the smiles to our customer’s faces, young and old. We invite you to share in the Strachan’s “sweet experience” that keeps customers coming back time and time again!