Homemade Desserts

Mrs. Strachan’s Carrot Cake
This melt in your mouth carrot cake has a flavor and consistency like nobody else’s. Each hand mixed batch packs 14 cups of pecans and 5 pounds of freshly shredded local carrots. Each cake is smothered with our sweet and buttery special sauce when it is pulled hot from the oven. The cakes just soak up that sauce and are raved about for being incredibly moist! Our carrots cakes are then iced with our sweet cream cheese icing made from scratch daily. Come see why OUR carrot cake has been #1 award winning in Tampa Bay for over 15 years! If you are having a party, our 8″ double layer carrot cake makes a beautiful centerpiece. This whopping 8 and a half pound carrot cake will feed a crowd and stands a staggering 6 inches tall! No grocery store carrot cake stands up to this one!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie
This sweet slice of heaven has everyone coming back for more. Served in a graham cracker shell that is filled with our light and fluffy sweet peanut buttery concoction 3 inches high! The top is coated with real crushed pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cups, then drizzled with our rich, thick fudge. This pie is an absolute hit at parties and you can always treat yourself to a slice in the shop.

Key Lime Pie
Our unique key lime pie has a fun, tropical tangy flavor. No added green colors needed for ours- we use real juice from key limes from right here in Florida! After each pie is pulled from the oven they are topped generously with our sweet whipped meringue. We have fun torching these pies and toasting the meringue to caramelized perfection. We also serve our key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a portable hand-held stick, perfect for enjoying a delicious treat while taking in downtown sites.

Ice Cream Cakes
Did someone say ice cream cake? Whether you’re looking for a custom ice cream cake made with your favorite Strachan’s homemade ice cream flavor or a ready-to-go ice cream cake, we have it!

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